Diocesan Girls’ School-In-situ Partial Redevelopment / Diocesan Girls’ Junior School-In-situ Redevelopment Hong Kong
Diocesan Girls’ School

The Diocesan Girl’s School is now embarking on a major redevelopment programme in order to meet the educational demands of Hong Kong’s future generations.   Building new facilities to enable the School to operate a 36-Classroom Senior School and a 24-Classroom Junior School.


The project comprises rebuilt the entire School, construct a new 1,500-seat auditorium, a 280-seat assembly hall, a library, a 200-seat Chapel and more classrooms.  A new swimming pool, more recreational areas such as tennis and basketball courts, an outdoor sports field, rooftop playgrounds and gardens are also be provided. The GFA is 50, 651.


The DGS projects awarded QBA –Finalist, Non-residential (New Building) Category (2012).