Hong Kong Children's Hospital
Expected Completion Year
Hospital Authority

The Hong Kong Children's Hospital will be located at Site C in the South  Apron of the Kai Tak Development. Site area approx. 2.2 hectare and GFA approx. 110,000sqm.


It will adopt a podium-free design consisting of 2 separate towers. Each tower will be of 12 storeys high (11 storeys in total above and 1 storey beneath ground level). The 2 towers willl be interconnected with one and other by 3 direct link bridges strategically located at Level 2, 3 and 9 of the CEP.


The  Hong Kong Children's Hospital is expected to provide about 468 beds and facilities support inpatient children’s families. It will also include facilities for research and training. Tower A of the CEP will primarily house clinical supporting services including the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, main operating theatres, clinical laboratories, research laboratories, the hospital data centre, as well as education and training facilities. Tower B  of the CEP will be more patient-oriented with the provision of inpatient services and ambulatory care services. The basement of the Centre will mainly accommodate general supporting services including sterile supplies unit, plant rooms, stores, linen services, kitchen, pharmacy and car parking spaces.