CRC Terminal, Hong Kong
Yuen Fat Wharf & Godown Co Ltd

This modern and multi-use terminal is located in the West Kowloon Reclamation, Shamshuipo Extension Areas to provide berthing, handling cargoes, sea and land transportations, vanning and devanning containers, container stacking and godown storage services.


The quay length of the terminal is 480 meters and has a depth of water 8 metres.  The area of the terminal is 12,516 sqm with another 18,397 sqm as back up, where 2 general cargo sheds with a total area of 6,209 sqm have been built.


The Terminal is capable of operating two 12,000-DWT vessels and a number of large container barges at the same time.  It is also equipped with high mast lighting facilities for safe illumination at night.  The container has a stacking capacity of 2,500 TEUS laden containers and 1,500 TEUS empty containers.  The yard is also provided with 380/440V power supply for Refrigerated Containers.